Rapper Nicki Minaj is trying to “break the Internet” with a racy cover for the magazine Paper. The term refers to a post on the Internet that draws millions of views and is reposted over and over again by its viewers. The explicit cover shows Minaj three times with the term “Minaj a trois,” which is a term for a threesome. Shot by famed photographer Ellen von Unwerth, the shows Minaj in compromising positions, including one with her touching the breast of a likeness of herself; one of herself seated wearing just tiny pasties, high-waisted panties and boots; and the third of herself kneeling in front of the other two with her tongue out. Drew Elliott, the creative director of the magazine, said that the Minaj threesome was a first. He compared the cover’s results to those attained back in 2014 when Kim Kardashian bared her behind on the cover. Inside the issue, Elliott wrote of the Minaj cover: “We have never called an issue Break the Internet since we did it back in 2014 with Kim Kardashian. It takes a certain type of talent, with an awesome fan base and the ability to put trust in PAPER to work our magic. I have always loved all of the looks that Nicki has done (and she has done them all). Her style (typically anchored by her off-the-charts hair choices) matches her musical talent perfectly. ‘Break the Internet’ is all about the big idea, the word, the image.”