A networking group plans to host an event in suburban Atlanta today (Nov. 16) for white people to “Come Meet a Black Person.” The event is being arranged by Urban Mediamakers and its founder, Cheryle Moses, who wants more racial harmony. “I’m trying something different,” Moses told the New York Daily News. “We have been attacking this issue the same way forever. So try something new.” The mixer is a variation on her annual anniversary party for Urban Mediamakers, a group of content creators, which is in its 16th year. Moses said she was planning it last week when she stumbled upon a 2013 report by Public Religion Research Institute in her emails. The research found 91 percent of white people’s friends are white. And 65 percent of Black people were found not to have friends who are white, the report noted. “My first thought was a bit of shock,” she said. “But as a Black person we know that anyway: most white people don’t have Black friends.”