Tuesday night saw Democrats winning big across the country on Election Day, as well as Black candidates winning in several races nationwide, and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) says that’s due to the major turnout from the African-American community, reports several news sources. “The DNC knows that the victories we celebrate this morning would be impossible without the massive support from the African-American men and women who made up about a fifth of the commonwealth’s electorate,” DNC’s political and organizing director Amanda Brown Lierman said in a statement. “Undoubtedly a cornerstone of our party, Black voters continued to surge to the polls in a tremendous way, set the tone for future elections, and paved the way for government that truly represents them. That’s exactly why we will continue to engage Black communities across the nation and fight to ensure every single eligible voter has the power to exercise their franchise. Without a shadow of a doubt, investing in communities of color was central to November 7th’s tide-turning victories. In Virginia, 100 percent of our investments went into doubling the number of organizers and putting boots on the ground. Since last summer, we’ve been committed to spending on a mail program that targets and reaches out to Black communities. We know that when we invest in the core of our party, we win. That’s why we invested in a Black women’s mobilization program, InCharge. Yesterday in Virginia, more than 90 percent of Black women cast ballots for Governor Ralph Northam. These women are the reason we won last night’s elections, and they’re the reason we’ll win in 2018.” Lierman added, “With their ballots, African-American communities across the nation sent a loud, resounding message to Republicans who stand with Donald Trump and try to use his hateful rhetoric as a vehicle for political success — you do not represent us.”