The city of Carson has filed a countersuit against Tesoro/Andeavor over the oil company’s challenge to a proposed manufacturing project that the city says will generate more than 350 jobs for local residents.

The project is located on a 5.5-acre site adjacent to the Tesoro/Andeavor refinery on land owned by the Carson Successor Agency.

The city maintains that Tesoro/Andeavor’s last-minute legal objections to the Panattoni Development Co. project interfered with a deal that would have brought a high tech jobs to Carson and generated tax dollars for public services.

The Panattoni project underwent extensive review throughout the past eight months, which included several public meetings, review and approval by the planning commission and was ready for city council consideration, according to the city.

On the day in February the project was scheduled for review by the city council, Tesoro/Andeavor submitted a letter of protest and provided oral testimony opposing the deal.

Until then, the company never attended any of the meetings nor did it ever indicate any objection, according to the city.

The council approved the project, and Tesoro/Andeavor filed a petition against the city on March 16, alleging the Pannatoni project would have attracted hundreds of cars and big rigs to the area that would be hazards to pedestrians. The company further alleges that the city ignored Tesoro/Andeavor’s environmental concerns about the project.

The close of escrow to the property Panattoni seeks to develop has been delayed by the filing of Tesoro/Andeavor’s petition and the further passage of time could discourage other developers from pursuing projects in the city, according to the city’s countersuit.