Frank Nucera Jr., a former New Jersey police chief, is facing Federal charges in connection with racially motivated attacks. He said African-Americans had “no value” and were “like ISIS,” and suggested putting them before a firing squad, federal authorities alleged this week, reports the Huffington Post. Federal authorities have arrested Nucera, who until recently was chief of Bordentown Township Police Department. It’s alleged that the now-retired officer referred to African-Americans using various racial slurs and instructed his officers to position police dogs at high school basketball games to intimidate African-Americans, according to a criminal complaint unsealed on Wednesday (Nov. 1). Nucera, 60, is facing a hate crime charge and a federal civil rights charge. FBI Special Agent Vernon Addison wrote in an affidavit that Nucera “has a significant history of making racist comments concerning African Americans, to whom he frequently referred to as ‘n*rs’” and Italian-derived racial slurs for African-Americans. One of Nucera’s officers “made numerous recordings” of Nucera that “contained extremely offensive racist comments” over the course of a year because he was “alarmed” by Nucera’s racism, according to the affidavit. The federal charges against Nucera relate to a Sept. 1, 2016, police encounter involving an 18-year-old African-American man and 16-year-old African-American girl. A hotel manager called police because he said the pair hadn’t paid for their hotel room the night before and were swimming in the hotel pool. The FBI affidavit states that their encounter with police “escalated into a physical struggle,” that both teens “resisted arrest” and that one of the officers used pepper spray. After both teens were handcuffed, Nucera allegedly grabbed the 18-year-old’s head and slammed it “into the right side of the metal doorjamb,” according to the affidavit. An officer heard the 18-year-old’s head make “a loud thud” as it hit the doorjamb, the feds alleged. Officers said the 18-year-old wasn’t resisting when Nucera slammed his head, but had “stopped walking for a moment to loudly complain.” The use of force wasn’t reported to the department. Hours after the assault, Nucera was recorded telling an officer he was “fucking tired” of African-Americans. “I’ll tell you what, it’s gonna get to the point where I could shoot one of these mother**kers,” Nucera allegedly said. “And that n*r bitch lady, she almost got it,” he said, referring to the 16-year-old girl’s aunt, who was present at the arrest. “Fking nipple hanging bch. I’m so tired of them, man.” Nucera allegedly said that Black people should “stay the fk out of Bordentown” and referred to the 18-year-old as “fking little, fking n*r.” In a separate incident noted in the report that occurred in November 2015, Nucera said he wished an African-American from Trenton who he believed had slashed the tires of a police vehicle would give him a reason to “put my hands” on him. “These n*rs are like ISIS, they have no value,” Nucera allegedly said. “They should line them all up and mow ’em down. I’d like to be on the firing squad, I could do it. I used to think about if I could shoot someone or not, I could do it, I’m tired of it.”