The NAACP recently held the 30th Annual California Hawaii State Conference entitled, “Moving Forward in Times of Uncertainty” at the LAX Marriot Hotel. California-Hawaii President and national board member Alice Huffman led the conference in making a stand on issues that the organization poses are contradictory to America’s core values.

As part of the event, a special press conference was held to announce resolutions focusing on disparities of citizens civil rights. 

“The NAACP is committed to raising awareness for political, educational, social and economic equality of minority group citizens in the country. We are seeking action and immediate correction, as we continue Moving Forward in Times of Uncertainty,” said the organization in a statement.

A number of resolutions to be presented to the California Legislature for bills and policy implementation declaring the civil rights organizations position were as follows:

I. Resolution calling for the removal from Congress the resolution making the star-spangled banner the National Anthem

II. Resolution supporting the protest highlighted by Colin Kaepernick and to censure the outrageous behavior of President Donald Trump

III. Resolution calling for quality education

“Despite the attempts made from current President Trump to take back items we’ve championed and gained over the past eight years, we are going to hold the line strong and this convention.”

Several invited dignitaries, elected officials and celebrities in attendance included, NAACP National Board Chairman Leon Russell, NAACP President/CEO Derrick Johnson, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, and Inglewood Mayor James Butts.

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