Karen Bass (250832)

Rep. Karen Bass (CA-37.) issued the following statement this week regarding KFI radio host Bill Handel’s on-air remarks on Oct. 20 in calling Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida a “cheap sleazy democrat whore:”

“Bill Handel’s racially-motivated remarks about my colleague Rep. Frederica Wilson were degrading and repulsive. Handel deserves to lose his job as well as any planned accolades for his reporting. I’m proud of the grass roots efforts that continue to publicize this derogatory display of on-air racism and call upon Mr. Handel to step down before he is forced to.”

Earlier last week, women of the Congressional Black Caucus released a statement demanding an apology from White House Chief of Staff John Kelly for his incorrect account of Rep. Wilson’s remarks at the dedication of a new Miramar, Fla. FBI Building.

“The women of the Congressional Black Caucus stand in strong support of our colleague, Rep. Frederick Wilson. Rep. Wilson is a woman of impeccable integrity and a dedicated public servant. She is a highly respected member of Congress who has demonstrated extremely competent leadership on a number of important issues, and we are especially proud of her fearless and uncompromising leadership to fight for the release of 300 Nigerian school girls who were kidnapped by the terrorist group Boko Haram

“We were appalled by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s statements where he called Rep. Wilson an ‘empty barrel’ and accused her of taking credit for securing funding for a new FBI building in Miramar, Fla., That was named after two fallen FBI agents, Benjamin Grogan and Jerry Dove. A video of Rep. Wilson’s comments on that day has been released, and it provides indisputable proof that she never made any of the statements which Gen. Kelly falsely accused her.

“Gen. Kelly’s comments are reprehensible. Rep. Wilson’s integrity and credibility should not be challenged or undermined by such blatant lies. We, the women of the Congressional Black Caucus, proudly stand with Rep. Wilson and demand that Gen. Kelly apologize to her without delay and take responsibility for his reckless and false statements.