State Rep. Maxine Waters called out President Donald Trump on Saturday at the Women’s Convention in Detroit, even leading participants in a chant of “Impeach 45” at one point. Rep. Waters was the keynote speaker at the event, which hosted more than 4,000 attendees for three days. “Trump is the most dishonorable and despicable human being to ever serve in the office of the president,” she said, which prompted a standing ovation, reports the Huffington Post. “This is a man with no good values, no good intentions and no good respect,” she continued. “That’s why I know we must keep fighting, and that women must lead this resistance. We cannot afford to be shut down or shut up by any man, particularly not one as indecent and deplorable as Donald Trump.” Waters was also greeted with cheers when she issued a warning to men to “keep your hands off our backs and our goddamn bodies.”