The Los Angeles City Council approved a total of $175,000 in reward offers to help capture suspects in three homicides and the serial rapist known as the Teardrop Rapist.

The council voted 10-0 on all three motions, including one to offer $50,000 for information on the killing of 59-year-old Philip Osby, who police believe was shot during a early morning robbery Sept. 12 in the alley behind 2703 W. Vernon Ave. Police have not released any possible description of the suspect or suspects.

A $75,000 reward was reinstated for information on the killings of Orlando Ashley, 25, and Olajuwon Ashley, 24, who were both shot in front of their residence at 4032 Stevely Ave. in Baldwin Hills at 11:30 p.m. on July 24, 2016. Police have not released a possible description of the suspects but believe at least two were involved.

The council also reinstated a $50,000 reward for another six months for information on the Teardrop Rapist. The suspect, described as having one or two teardrop tattoos or scars under one eye, has been linked to at least 35 sexual assaults between 1996 and 2012.