People in Utah gathered outside the Public Safety Building Sunday evening for a Black Lives Matter rally, calling for police accountability in the shooting death of Patrick Harmon, reports KSTU. Salt Lake City Police officers shot and killed Patrick Harmon on August 13th. He had been stopped for crossing multiple lanes of traffic on his bike, which did not have a tail light. Officers said they asked Harmon for his name, and he gave them multiple other names first. When they looked him up, they found he had warrants for his arrest, at which point they attempted to take him into custody. Harmon fled. District Attorney Sim Gill said in a report the body camera footage from the three officers shows Harmon stop and turn toward the officers with a knife in his hand, which officers later recovered from the scene. For that reason, Gill said Officer Clinton Fox’s decision to use deadly force was justified. Black Lives Matter Utah Chapter organizer Lex Scott told FOX 13 she saw the body camera footage. She said for her and others at the rally, there is no gray area; it is all black and white, so to speak. “It was the most clear case of murder I’ve ever seen,” she said. “I’m emotional because I’m sick of marching for people that have been murdered by police. I’m tired. I want some justice and we never get it, so we’re just gonna keep fighting.”