Close to 100 landlords from across the county attended a HouseLA event to learn about programs that offer financial incentives in exchange for partnering with the County of Los Angeles, City of Long Beach, and non-profit service providers to end Los Angeles’ homelessness crisis. Officials including Supervisor Janice Hahn and representatives from County and City levels contributed information about the Homeless Incentive Program (HIP). This program grants financial aid and other protections to property owners who agree to accept subsidized renters holding county or city vouchers such as Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing or Section 8 vouchers. 

HIP is a unique and widespread endeavor by Los Angeles County and its neighboring communities to end homelessness. It is composed of three major components:

  1. One month payment to hold the rental units while a tenant is referred.
  2. Move-in support such as money for the first and last month’s rent, security deposit, and/or utility fees.
  3. Financial support for property owners to repair damage caused by renters during their stay.

According to Supervisor Hahn, local property owners are assets in the battle to end homelessness. “We have developed a program that not only helps homeless individuals get housing, but gives our landlords the peace of mind they need,” she said.

The Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles began the program in early 2016 and has been offering similar programs throughout the county ever since. The program has provided housing for more than 422 families through the HIP. The Housing Authority of Long Beach (HACLB) is completing its own program, expected to begin very shortly. Both programs will be paid for the next three years through Measure H, the county’s quarter cent sales tax whose profits go directly to offer services to the homeless.

“Landlords are in a unique situation to lend a helping hand to combat the county’s homelessness crisis,” said Emilio Salas, HACoLA Deputy executive director. “It is our duty to dedicate all available resources to establishing successful landlords and tenant relationships.”

Landlords interested in participating in Los Angeles County’s programs are invited to visit the HACoLA website at www.hacola.org.