The city of Palmdale, which is in the process of acquiring almost 18,000 streetlights located throughout the city, is partnering with Sierra Display and Waste Management for a streetlight demonstration program to begin soon on City Ranch Road, the road leading to the Antelope Valley Landfill. 

Waste Management donated the use of several streetlight poles on City Ranch Road and Sierra Display loaned several colorful banners at no charge to the city. Demonstration Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights will be installed within the next several weeks and the banners will help visitors gauge how well they can distinguish colors and observe the illumination provided by the lights.

“We are evaluating several different LED lights which eventually will be used throughout the city,” said Palmdale’s Interim Director of Public Works Lee Swain. “Once the demonstration lights are installed on City Ranch Road, we’ll ask local residents and businesses to go there and let us know what they think about the lighting. Since these LED streetlights will be installed citywide, we would like input from as many people as possible as part of the evaluation process.”

Banners and identification numbers have already been placed on the poles and there will be a website and a text only phone number for comments. The demonstration start date will be announced soon.

‘LED lights are very energy efficient and provide high quality light,” Swain said. 

 “We are grateful to Sierra Display for donating the banners and Waste Management for allowing us to use the streetlights for this demonstration,” said City Manager James Purtee. “With their help, we’re going to make every effort to ensure that everyone is happy with the positive changes we’ll  make with our streetlights, using less energy while providing a higher quality light.”