OJ Simpson (249025)

Former NFL star O.J. Simpson was released from a Nevada state prison in the wee hours of Sunday morning, report multiple news sources. The once super star of college and professional football and a highly paid spokesperson was convicted of armed robbery nine years ago, and has since quietly served his time. Back in the mid-’90s, Simpson was acquitted of charges that he murdered his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman during a high profile trial in Los Angeles. News sources in Las Vegas report that Simpson will stay in Las Vegas for the time being, but his ultimate goal is to join his kids in Florida. The 70-year-old could be seen leaving the Lovelock Correctional Center wearing a baseball cap, dark jacket jeans and white sneakers, and getting into a waiting car. He leaned out the car window and told a reporter, “Nothing’s changed. I’ve been in Nowhere, USA, for nine years, and nothing’s changed.”