In an remarkable Brooklyn joint effort among several social service agencies through the Office of Senator Jesse Hamilton, a brand new initiative called the Caribbean Relief Project will offer critical services to help victims of Hurricane Maria. Communities throughout the Caribbean have suffered through Hurricane Maria just weeks after unprecedented devastation throughout the Gulf Coast from Hurricane Harvey and earlier havoc caused by Hurricane Irma. The Caribbean Relief Project is part of Senator Hamilton’s ongoing relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma. The project is looking for canned and non-parishable food items, baby food and products, soaps and shampoos, hygiene and feminine products, flashlights, batteries, first aid kits, cases of water, sleeping bags, towels and toothpaste/tooth brushes. Drop off locations have been set up throughout Brooklyn. “Words fail in the face of the multiple disasters in the Americas,” Hamilton said on his Facebook page, where he listed detailed information on various ways people could help.