Martina Big, born Martina Adam from western Germany, appeared on “The Maury Show” Sept. 20 to discuss her “transition” to becoming a Black woman. The New York Daily News reports how Big, a model and flight attendant, said she’s always wanted to look like a Barbie or Pamela Anderson, and has had severe body modifications to look the part, including breast implants, a nose job, and liposuction. But this year, Big felt another change was needed: she had three tanning injections in her stomach to change her skin color. “I am now the proud owner of Black skin,” she said. Big appeared on “The Maury Show” wearing a “Black Girls Rock” necklace with thick black wavy hair extensions and a tight gold dress to discuss her transformation. “Martina,” Povich asked, “do you think you’re a Black person?” Big immediately responded, “yes.” The audience, filled with many African-Americans, went wild. “But 80 percent,” she quickly amended. “I have to learn a lot. I know.” Big achieved her current skin color using chemical tanning injections, which darkened over a course of four weeks. She then noticed her eye color and natural hair began to get darker as well. “Then I noticed that my completely body [sic] changed from a Caucasian to a Black woman,” she says on her website. When she noticed this, she went “to the government and changed my ethnicity official to ‘Black.’”

The injections fade after a few months, so Big plans to continue getting them each time her color starts to lighten.