The Inglewood Police Department is focusing an increased spotlight this month on pedestrian safety. In observing California Pedestrian Safety Month, they want to reduce the numbers of pedestrians being killed and injured on California roadways.

Inglewood has joined with county agencies, community partners and law enforcement throughout the state in urging pedestrians and motorists alike to be aware of each other at all times and share the road responsibly.

In 2015, 852 pedestrians were killed and more than 13,000 were injured—just on California’s roadways alone. Preliminary figures indicate that 2016 may reach a modern record high of 900 fatalities. Pedestrians account for nearly 25 percent of all roadway deaths in the state, up from 17 percent just ten years earlier.

Over the course of the past three years, the Inglewood Police Department has witnessed the tragedy of three pedestrians killed with another 274 pedestrians injured, most with life changing disabilities.

“Pedestrian safety starts with an important reminder that those on foot and those behind

the wheel share an equal responsibility when it comes to looking out for one another,” said Rhonda Craft, director of the California Office of Traffic Safety. “Our goal is to encourage safe behaviors throughout the entire year, but California Pedestrian Safety Month gives us a timely opportunity to really drive the message home.”

Partnering with the OTS safety campaign “Pedestrians Don’t Have Armor,” the Inglewood Police Department is highlighting the importance of pedestrian safety awareness, whether one is on foot or behind the wheel. The campaign’s theme—which features characters who represent everyday pedestrians, but clad in body armor made from car parts—reminds everyone that in real life, pedestrians don’t have armor and always lose.