“Sweet” Alice Harris will speak Sept. 20 on “Why the Black Man Has No Peace” at the Parents of Watts South Los Angeles, 10828 Lou Dillon Ave. in Los Angeles.

As part of the “What Must We Do and Can We Do It”? symposium from 10 a.m. to noon, Harris will join with a panel of community leaders to discuss national issues that affect the “welfare and existence of Black America.” Lunch will be provided at the free event.

Organizers point to the increasing racial divide in America in noting that today’s Black scholars, clergy, political leaders and activists seem to have no answers to the prevailing problems of Black America such as high unemployment, lack of affordable housing, failing urban schools, inner-city crime, police brutality, and a so-called a “lost youth” separated from the church.

Panelists are being sought as well as volunteers to assist with the Watts community group. Space is limited for the event. RSVP at mothernature7@gmail.com.