Improving services for its residents is a high priority for Lancaster. As the city has continued to grow, the cumulative amount of time it takes for street sweepers to properly clean the gutters throughout every neighborhood has increased. In order to increase overall effectiveness of its street sweeping service, the city will soon be changing the schedules for approximately one-third of the streets. The changes will go into effect Sept. 1.

Among the goals of the street sweeping program are to:

—Keep all major thoroughfares and residential streets clear of trash and debris;

—Reduce the amount of trash which can enter the storm drain system;

—Ensure streets are kept clear and made safer for all;

—Allow drivers to safely judge distance to curbs and roadways.

Residents can assist the city in keeping their neighborhoods clean by not littering as well as regularly clearing their sidewalks and curbs. In addition, residents and landscapers should take extra care to not blow debris from yards and sidewalks into the street. During the month of August, street sweeping signage is being updated in a number of areas, including both residential roads and main thoroughfares.

Residents are asked to adhere to the new sweeping and parking limitations promptly, although a grace period has been established in order to allow residents a reasonable amount of time to adjust their parking habits. Residents are reminded that on their respective street sweeping day, all vehicles must remain off of the street for the entire period of time posted on the nearest street sweeping sign.

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