The is a website that focuses on the intersection of sports, race, culture, teamwork, statistics and more. Recently, the website published a list of the “50 Greatest Black Athletes.”

The selection is decided every week by 1 million fans worldwide, via an online service called Survey Monkey. The Undefeated publicizes names of athletes who are the most outstanding players recognized all around the world. This list starts from number 50 and counts down to one because the company releases the names of 10 new athletes every Tuesday of the week. In addition, online users vote for their favorites in a number of categories.

This first list includes Tim Duncan who played for the San Antonio Spurs and he helped his team win five NBA championships.

Derek Jeter was one of the greatest baseball players of all time. In June 1992, he was drafted by the New York Yankees as the sixth overall pick. Three years later he would enter as the postseason player and help his team win the playoffs in 1995. A year later the team won the first of five championship playoffs. In 2000, he was chosen “Rookie of the Year.”

Larry Fitzgerald is the son of a sportswriter. In his early days he would be chasing after footballs during practices and doing different tasks for the Vikings team. He did his homework, studied very closely other players including Cris Carter, Randy Moss, and Anthony Carter. Fortunately for Fitzgerald, all of the observation paid off and helped him become one of the best NFL football receivers as he approached his 14th season with the Arizona Cardinals, “the numbers on NFL all time list show him in third place for receptions (1.125) in ninth place for receiving yards (14,389) and eighth in receiving touchdowns with 104. Off the gridiron, Fitzgerald was honored with several awards for his hard work: He won the sportsmanship award and the Walter Payton NFL Man of the year award. He even donated to different fundraisers. His mother, Carol, said in an interview that her son is a good guy who always put others before himself. In 2003, she passed away from breast cancer.

The survey asked nearly 20,000 adults what makes athletes hugely successful. Questions were ranked on overall dominance, impact on society, and inspiration. The list in its entirety is published on the Undefeated’s website, across ESPN platforms and on social media using the hash tag #Undefeated50.

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