Omar Bradley (245002)

Former Compton Mayor Omar Bradley was convicted today of misusing public funds—the second time he has been convicted of the charges.

Bradley, 59, was convicted of two felony counts of misappropriating public funds by “double-dipping”—using a city credit card and cash advances for travel. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge George Lomeli scheduled sentencing for Aug. 30.

The jury reached its verdict late Thursday after nearly a full day of deliberations. Lomeli decided to delay the announcement of the verdict until Friday.

In 2004, Bradley was found guilty of the charges, but the conviction was tossed out on appeal eight years later. His voided conviction in 2012 allowed him to twice unsuccessfully run for mayor again.

If his latest conviction is upheld, Bradley faces a lifetime ban on holding public office. Bradley served as mayor from 1993 until 2001.

Bradley’s attorney argued that the former mayor believed his expenditures—for clothing, golf fees and hotel rooms— were legal because they were for city business. Prosecutors had not proven that Bradley knew the $4,000 he spent was unlawful, attorney Robert J. Hill argued during the two-week trial.

Deputy District Attorney Ana Lopez alleged that Bradley’s spending was “purely personal” and offered “no public benefit,” and that he clearly understood the rules.

She told the jury that accountability for spending became “very relaxed” in Compton after the city council approved a resolution authorizing the issuance of city credit cards to council members without any public comment on the issue.

During two days on the stand, the ex-mayor testified that he had played golf with officials to discuss several city projects.

Following the first trial, Bradley was sentenced in 2004 to three years in prison, but he was later moved to a halfway house.

Bradley—who was born and raised in Compton and also served as a city councilman from 1991-1993—lost a run-off election in June against incumbent Mayor Aja Brown.