*There may be some pettiness going on across the pond between Simon Cowell’s “X Factor” and its rival series “The Voice,” both of which are now on the same UK network, IT, reports EURweb.com.

If a report in The Sun is true, Cowell is trying to distance himself and his show from his former “American Idol” contestant Jennifer Hudson because she is occupying one of those cozy red swivel chairs on “The Voice.”

Things are now so tense between the warring shows that Simon has banned hopefuls from singing “And I Am Telling You” — one of the best-known songs by The Voice coach Jennifer Hudson.

At an “X Factor” audition in Manchester this week he stopped one girl part way through her version of it, telling her it was “too heavily linked to another show.”

A source said: “X Factor” and “The Voice” may both be on ITV now, but Simon still wants to be the best show and there’s real rivalry there.

“This one girl tried to sing “And I Am Telling You,” which Jennifer sang in “Dreamgirls,” but Simon stopped her immediately and told her to sing something else.

“He did let her try another three tracks so it’s not like he shot her down there and then.”