The city of Palmdale’s lifeguard team received a score of 84 from the National Aquatic Safety Company (NASCO) after the organization conducted a lifeguard inspection in June at DryTown Water Park. It is the 16th consecutive year they achieved a “world class” score.

“A score of 70 is considered to be ‘World Class,’” said Palmdale’s Director of Recreation and Culture Keri Smith.

The Palmdale lifeguards achieved their rating after being evaluated for scanning time (how quickly and accurately the water surface is viewed), appearance (indicates that the lifeguard is prepared with proper equipment), and posture (rescue ready stance).

“Our lifeguards take pride in what they do,” Smith said. “They train and study very hard to provide our families the best and safest experience at DryTown and our pools.”

NASCO performs inspections at hundreds of water park facilities through the United States each year, and is recognized as a leader and innovator in the safety procedures for aquatics and amusement park facilities.

For more information about Palmdale’s lifeguard program, contact the recreation and culture department at (661) 267-5611.