Curren Price (138105)

Curren Price is expected to win going away in his city council re-election bid on March 7. He’ll face opponents Jorge Nuno and Adriana Cabrera in the Ninth District race.

Price, a former state senator, has an impressive list of endorsements including those of Sen. Kamala Harris, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, Rep. Karen Bass, and former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. His most recent accomplishment has been securing a $1 million fund for naturalization and other immigration services. “This plan will straighten protections for immigrants, help to restore peace of mind and offer much-needed relief to local families,” Price said earlier this month.

Price is chairman of the council’s Economic Development Committee where he has helped to steer measures to raise the minimum wage, reduce employment discrimination against ex-offenders, and to legalize street vending.

Jorge Nuno, a graphic designer, is a political novice who turned his home—a mansion known as “the Big House” in South LA—into a combination community center and gathering point for small businesses and non-profits. He believes that public education, public safety and entrepreneurship are the central tenants of improvement in the district

Adriana Cabrera, a 24-year-old community activist and graduate student, once served on the Central Alameda Neighborhood Council and vows that, if elected, she’ll work to secure the right to vote for the undocumented immigrant community and wants such residents to have a stronger voice in their community. Cabrera has also interned in congressional and legislative offices.

“It’s time to shift the hands of political power into the hands of our community,” Cabrera said.