LOS ANGELES (CNS) – The mother of the former girlfriend of Jim Carrey says that contrary to the actor’s assertions, she was not estranged from her daughter at the time of her offspring’s suicide.

“I find Mr. Carrey’s efforts to discredit me and the relationship I had with my daughter nothing short of desperate and disgusting,” Brigid Sweetman says in a sworn declaration filed in Los Angeles Superior Court and obtained by City News Service.

The declaration was filed in response to Carrey’s request that she be required to post a bond of about $372,000 if she wants to continue with her lawsuit stemming from the death of her daughter, 30-year-old Cathriona White, in Sherman Oaks.

Sweetman and White’s estranged husband, Mark Burton, filed wrongful death suits against Carrey in October and September, respectively, alleging wrongful death and violation of the Drug Dealer Liability Act.

Sweetman and Burton allege Carrey gave White prescription drugs knowing that she was not equipped to ingest and manage highly addictive medication while not supervised by a doctor. They contend it was predictable and

foreseeable that White would overdose on the drugs in her September 2015 suicide.

Carrey, now 54, also gave White three sexually transmitted diseases without warning her that he was so afflicted before they agreed to have sex, the suits allege.

According to Carrey’s attorneys’ court papers, Sweetman was not close to White at the time of her death.

“Sweetman had no relationship with White, nor did she love her,” the actors’ lawyers state in their court papers. “She loves only money.”

Sweetman struggled with addiction and eventually departed for England, leaving her husband and children behind in Ireland, according to Carrey’s attorneys’ court papers.

Sweetman still is a resident of Great Britain, so the actor is entitled to ask her to post a bond to secure an award of costs and fees on his behalf upon showing a reasonable possibility that he will defeat the plaintiff’s claims, his lawyers state in their court papers.

“Here, Carrey satisifies that standard,” according to the actor’s lawyers’ court papers.

Carrey’s legal team will have to gather information and take depositions in Ireland, where White’s immediate family lives and which was her country of citizenship; in Great Britain, where Sweetman resides; and in other locations in Europe, all of which point to his need for a security for costs, according to his lawyers’ court papers.

But Sweetman says in her declaration, filed last Tuesday, that she is “completely indigent” and “100 percent disabled” because of multiple strokes, cannot walk without a wheelchair or walking aid and has no income other than disability benefits from the British government. She says she lives in state-sponsored housing for disabled people.

“I have no savings and I have no ability to earn an income,” she says. Sweetman also says her husband takes care of her full time and so he is unemployed.

“I have no ability to pay a costs bond in any amount, even $5,000,” her declaration states.

A hearing on whether the bond should be posted is scheduled for Jan. 17.