If you have an idea for a webite or app, let your thoughts run wild during the fifth annual South L.A. Hustle N’ Code Hackathon Dec. 3 beginning at 10 a.m. at South Park, South Park Recreation Center, 345 E. 51st St.

No coding experience is required and anyone between ages 9 and 17 years is invited to come and learn to build an ap or website with Teens EXploriong Technology. Free food will be offered and youth can win prizes including laptops, Beats headphones and more. RSVP at www.eventbrite.com/e/ hustle-n-code-tickets if you are a student or teacher with interested students. Spark the minds of those who will change the world and spread your love for technology. No matter what your background, we can use your tech skills at our hackathon. All you need is a commitment to catapulting South Central into the 21st century. To register, visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hustle-n-code-tickets-28097266681 Volunteer today and be part of the movement. RSVP here to volunteer RSVP here to volunteer.

The goal at TXT is to inspire 300 youth, parents, and tech mentors to join together and use technology to change South L.A. for the better. Come and solve a problem in your community by building a great app.

TXT: Teens Exploring Technology is the organizer of Hustle N’ Code.

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The group empower men of color between the seventh and 11th grades who are from low-income communities to become technology entrepreneurs. Since 2010, they have used the concept of developing strong teams as a way for our young men to learn about collaboration, ideation, coding, and long-lasting life skills. In small teams, our youths learn the process of taking an idea from concept to market.

The group uses coding as the catalyst that can take young men of color and turn them into technology leaders who build positive communities. TXT says computer programming is the tool that helps our teens learn how to learn, to develop discipline, and to build self confidence.