Palmdale’s Culture and Recreation Department is offering a four-week creative writing workshop beginning Saturday, Sept. 10 at Marie Kerr Park Recreation Center, 2723 Rancho Vista Blvd.

The workshops will be conducted on four consecutive Saturdays through Oct. 1 from 10 a.m. to noon. Presented by Anne Yale, a local poet, author and teacher, the cost of the month-long workshop is $40 per person ($50 for non residents of Palmdale).

Participants will have an opportunity to get ideas for starting new pieces, or simply writing while receiving feedback and editorial suggestions on works in progress. You will also receive tips on preparing completed pieces for publication. Participants need no prior writing experience, since the workshops are open to everyone from novice writers to experienced authors.

Yale hopes to teach participants how to tap into their own creativity, explore new ideas and develop strategies for producing effective prose or poetry. Participants can expect to receive constructive feedback from other members of the class as well as the instructor. As well, special attention will be given to narrative and descriptive techniques.

“Regardless of the level of expertise a writer has—or the particular genre an author chooses to work in—whether it be short stories, novels, memoirs, personal narrative, fiction or non-

fiction, anyone can benefit from this workshop,” Yale said. “It’s a very helpful and constructive process. It gives writers the chance to try out new ideas, get feedback, and entertain suggestions for further development in a safe and welcoming environment.”

Other creative writing workshop sessions will be conducted Oct. 8-29, and from Nov. 5 through Dec. 3.

For registration or more information, call (661) 267-5611 or visit the Palmdale Recreation and Culture office, 38260 10th Street West, anytime between 7:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Visit them online at www.cityofpalmdale.org/playpalmdale.