The African American Firefighter Museum (AAFFM) plays host to a barbecue competition Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The deadline to register to enter is today. The event, which will be held at 1401 S. Central Ave., is open to individuals age 21 and older and there is no cost to enter. In addition to the cook-off, the competition will feature barbecue tasting with $20 tickets available to the general public. Special VIP seats are available for $60 and include servers. The winning grill master will take home $500, and the runner up walks away with a $200 prize.

Individuals are also invited to bring out their best side dishes and desserts which will be included in the tasting. A beer garden and a tour of the museum will also be featured. Funds raised will benefit the museum. For additional information, contact the museum at http://www.fireitupbbq.org, (213) 744-173 or call (424) 634-9615 or ww.mothernature7@gmail.com.

The AAFFM opened it’s doors as a museum on Dec. 13, 1997 and repesents a history that began with the city’s first Black firefighter, Sam Haskins, in 1892.