Founder and owner of TV One, Cathy Hughes is taking on the ‘big boys’ — the networks. TV One is coming out with more outstanding programming that plays right into the heart of her target audience, Black Americans who know what they like and what they want to see.

There is a lot of talk about diversity in TV and films today. Because of the success of Fox’s “Empire,” all the competing networks are attempting to present Black programming. Not because they see the error of their ways, but because they have learned how much money they are losing by not catering to the Black TV audience.

TV One was launched in January 2004 and is available in 57 million households. It is solely owned by Radio One the largest radio company that primarily targets Black and urban listeners. What is so awesome about all this is the fact that a Black woman, (for those who don’t know), Hughes, is the founder/chairman of Radio One.

With all this chatter about diversity in front of and behind the camera, Hughes is clearing her throat and saying, ‘if you want diversity in its truest form look to TV One. Okay, that’s what I’m saying, but it’s true.

TV One boasts “News One Now,” with anchorman Roland Martin. It is the only live daily news program targeting Black viewers. Martin, a veteran newsman, does not mince words, he tells it like it is and if he interviews you, you better come correct. And then there is heart-stopping programming such as the very popular “Unsung,” and “Unsung Hollywood” that answers the question, “Where are they now?” One of my guilty pleasures is “Hollywood Divas.” Here we get a taste of what life is like for some of our favorite stars from past-popular sit-coms that are now re-creating themselves and are trying to find work in Hollywood. Hollywood hopefuls should be glued to this series. And you can get your laugh on with “Rickey Smiley For Real” one of the funniest men this decade, as he shares all on TV One.

Oh, and by the way in case you didn’t know it, “Empire” can now be seen on TV One in all its re-run glory.

In February 2016, TV One introduced a new brand promise to REPRESENT the best of Black culture and entertainment — past, present and future. From quality programming in all genres, be it comedies, true crime series, original programming and movies, and so much more.

Premiering Sunday, Sept. 4 is the original made-for-television movie “Ringside.” It is a well fleshed out story about a young man, Jaxon Holley played by Tyler Lepley (OWN’s “The Haves and the Have Nots”) as an undefeated boxer preparing for the fight of his life. And before you go all “Rocky” on me, let me assure you the issues he must deal with outside the ring, are more nerve-shattering than what’s happening in the ring. The production is supported by a powerful cast that brings to life the twists and turns, double-crosses, and even love and pain that will tear at your heart and nerves. Written and directed by Russ Parr (“Hear No Evil,” “The Undershepard”) “Ringside” is a must see.

Premiering in 2017 is the highly-anticipated show “Media” which focuses on the Jones family. The Jones’ own and operate JUMP, a dynasty that has dominated the national urban media scene for years.

Hughes is one of the executive producers. TV One’s “Media” looks at the world of print, television, radio and more…and you’ll learn that thug life can come in suits as well. Where there is power and money, you’ll find corruption, rivalries, affairs…and even murder.

“Media” has the cast that can make it all too real. Brian White (“Stomp the Yard”) as Michael Jones, Penny Johnson Jerald (“Castle,” “24”) as the mother, Jackie Jones, and Pooch Hall (“The Game,” “Ray Donovan”) as Clay Jones. These powerhouses will have to contend with siblings, lovers, evil-doers and who knows what else.

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