If officers are disrespectful or have racially profiled me, how do I complain?

“To protect and Serve” is the Los Angeles Police Department’s motto. In order to provide quality service to the community, we need the community’s assistance. We welcome you to let us know about the quality of service you receive. If you believe that the conduct of an employee was inappropriate, you may request to speak to a supervisor at any police station, or out in public during the police contact. Once your make your complaint, an investigation is conducted. For complaints like discourtesy the LAPD has an Alternate Complaint Resolution (ACR) system. ACR consists of facilitating a resolution of a complaint between two parties through a face-to-face meeting. A Department supervisor serves as a facilitator to facilitate communication between the parties and assist them in reaching a voluntary agreement regarding their dispute. Sometimes a conversation between the two parties in a non-stressful environment can produce clarity of what happened and why it happened and how the officer can handle the situation better going forward. Also this is a two-way street, if you want to commend the actions of employees of this Department, you may do so by writing a letter to the captain of the station in your area, or to the Chief of Police. Verbal commendations may also be given to any Department supervisor.