The city of Lancaster offers a free Business Watch program which may assist merchants and manufacturers and their personnel with employing preventative measures to increase their level of workplace safety.

Business Watch is a crime prevention program which operates in concert with local law enforcement and seeks involvement from citizens within the business sector. The collaborative effort is designed to proactively reduce crime throughout the community and teaches business owners and their employees about crime prevention strategies. Participants are instructed on how to be observant and skilled at identifying potential criminal activity. The participants also are informed about the many ways they can prevent crime such as leaving cash drawers empty and open, making more frequent bank deposits, securing all doors and windows, replacing hollow-core doors, illuminating all entrances, and installing an alarm system to help minimize crime risks.

So far, more than 500 businesses are participating in the city’s Business Watch program.

For more details, call Lancaster Public Safety at (661) 723-6063. Interested parties can receive a Business Watch information packet by e-mail at