The Save A Warrior program has changed countless lives through its “war detox” program, which supports healing from post traumatic stress (PTS). The program specializes in serving active duty military, veterans, and first responders experiencing psychological trauma.

“Everything we do at Save A Warrior has proven effective. As we approach the issue of suicide, we look at the whole person, realizing there are many pieces to this puzzle that must be located and pieced together. The goal of our ‘war detox’ experience is to reduce pain and increase resiliency,” notes the organization website.

It is important to understand that only part of PTS is a medical problem: the part responsible for damage to the brain’s limbic system. The Save A Warrior method of treating this challenge is teaching the practice of “Warrior Meditation” and the neuroscience behind it, which has been proven to heal the brain.

For Warriors to begin healing, they must also heal broken hearts by providing powerful opportunities to let go of the past. “At Save A Warrior, we engage in ceremony, ritual, storytelling and story listening, experiences that locate, identify and resolve the source of psychic pain, once and for all,” claims the organization.

Lastly,Warrior initiates long-term behavioral changes that emphasize a daily practice of self-care, inspiring participants to follow a path in life that focuses on serving others. Research shows that those who focus on serving others are far more resilient and content than people who are merely self-focused. This method relies heavily on the writings of famed mythologist and scholar Joseph Campbell, who unearthed stories of religion, mythology, and the pursuit of meaning with respect to the monomyth known as “The Hero’s Journey”.

This formula for healing is entirely based on lifestyle changes that immerse graduates in new and healthier ways of being. The Save A Warrior approach relies heavily on proven methods and scholarly research; and the results of the program serve as further evidence as to their effectiveness.

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