Falling in love happens in a variety of ways. There are instances when love between two people develops at a snail’s pace. And on the flip side, there are moments when two people meet and instantly connect—this occurrence is often referred to as “love at first sight.” The concept of “true love” has inspired countless books, films, television shows, and stage plays. Adding to this list, “The Soul Mate Experiment” will debut as part of the West Coast Summer Love Tour. Opening at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre on April 23 at 8 p.m., and featuring a dynamic cast of up-and-coming performers. “The Soul Mate Experiment” is a modern-day tale of two people who meet at a mutual friend’s wedding anniversary celebration and are struck with an immediate attraction and fall in love. Certain they have found “the one” in each other, on a whim they decide to get married, never considering what the consequences of “happily ever after” would be. For more information, visit www.tamerahillproductions.com. To purchase tickets, visit www.purplepass.com/soulmate, www.tamerahillproductions.com, or call (818) 691-0010.