When I say “get your laugh on,” I really mean it. Two new films will have you laughing out loud. It’s rich Black humor at its best. Friday, April 15, Ice-Cube is back in the barber seat with “Barbershop The Next Cut.” And in theaters now “Meet the Blacks” will almost have you rolling in the aisles

“Meet the Blacks” is so funny that I found myself laughing all through the film and still laughing, when I walked away from the theater. It’s a mixture of laughs, shock appeal and a few rip-offs here and there.

Snoop Dog (producer) opens the film, and honestly by the time I figured out who he was I didn’t remember what he was saying. Fair warning, the ‘n-word’ is used prevalently throughout the movie. However, this may sound strange to say, but to some it is probably used in the right context … you know, when folks owe you lots of money, steal from you, or try to kill you. And Carl Black (Mike Epps) is guilty of all the above.

Black is from the South side of Chicago. A business owner of an electronics installation company who after working for the owner of “Wings and Thangs” ran into a bit of good luck—money, jewels and drugs. After which, he decides to move his family to a “safer” neighborhood all the way to Beverly Hills.

Black, his new wife Lorena (Zulay Henao), his daughter Allie (Bresha Webb), son Carl Jr. (Alex Henderson), and (his cousin Cronut (Lil Duval) leave Chicago just before the National Night of the Purge takes place where all citizens have 12 hours to kill anyone they wish with no repercussions. Black is mistakenly convinced that the Purge will not be in effect in Beverly Hills. He is dead wrong.

The frantic, hilarious action taking place during the Purge bombards you with laughs, cameos, and one-liners for the rest of the movie. It can be a little irreverent depending on your sense of humor, but to me it’s crazy funny.

“Meet the Blacks” is in theaters now. Go to www.meettheblacksmovie.com.

One of America’s favorite comedies is back. “Barbershop: The Next Cut” will arrive in theaters Friday, April 15.

It’s been 10 years since the last film, “Barbershop 2” …. was in theaters and things have really changed. Not only in the shop but also in their Southside Chicago neighborhood. Yet, one thing still remains, the humor and soulful antics and sometimes controversial conversation.

Keeping the memory of his father alive, Calvin (Ice Cube) endeavors to keep the shop as a vital part of the community. In “Barbershop: The Next Cut,” he finds himself up against a new generation of young people who don’t really care about the neighborhood. Gang violence is rampant, and a lack of respect makes his community a war zone. He is concerned that his young son may follow suit or be forced into it.

Furthermore, he does the unthinkable-he opens his doors to a beauty shop, bringing the two sexes under the same roof. Consequently, you know the jokes are flying, attitude is rampant and, at times, it’s a non-stop party, and in between folks are working magic on the cuts and styles.

But don’t think this is an ultra-serious movie with little laughs. Not so. Cedric the Entertainer is back as well as other familiar cast members—Common (“Selma”), Anthony Anderson (ABC’s “Black-ish”), Eve (“Whip It”), Regina Hall (“Think Like a Man”), and Nicki Minaj (“The Other Woman). See how they use their skills, camaraderie and community-minded thinking to win back their neighborhood. Look for a few surprises too!

“Barbershop The Next Cut” is directed by Malcolm D. Lee (“The Best Man Holiday,” “Scary Movie 5,” “Soul Men”) with a script from “Black-ish” series creator Kenya Barris (who also wrote for “The Game” and the “Are We There Yet?” television series) and Tracy Oliver. Go to www.barbershopthemovie.com for more information.