Frances Cress Welsing (born Frances Luella Cress) was an Afro-centrist and author of “The Isis Papers” (1991) and “The Keys to the Colors” (1991), who offered her interpretation on the origins of White supremacy culture, died Jan. 2. She was 80 years old.

Welsing in her writings discussed that White people were the result of a genetic mutation of albinism and are the outcast offspring of the original peoples of Africa. Welsing, a graduate of Howard University‘s College of Medicine, also caused controversy after saying that homosexuality among African Americans was a ploy by White males to decrease the Black population. Born Frances Luella in Chicago, Ill. on March 18, 1935 to her father, physician, Henry N. Cress, and her mother, Ida Mae Griffen, a teacher. She earned a bachelor degree at Antioch College and in 1962 received a M.D. at Howard.

Welsing suffered a stroke on Jan. 1. and was placed under critical condition at a Washington, D.C.-area hospital. She died a few hours later on the morning of Jan. 2.