It’s time to pick up all of the fallen leaves that make autumn such a beautiful period in the Antelope Valley. The robust breezes which typically take place this time of year lead to mounds of leaves. Therefore, Waste Management is offering free bagged-leaf pickup through February, as the Fall Leaf Collection Program provides Lancaster residents the option of bagging their leaves separately from their waste service containers.

The bagged leaves should be placed with other yard waste and set out on the same day as all other waste containers (trash, recycling and green waste) at the curbside for pickup.

City officials encourage residents to pickup these leaves because they could eventually block storm drains during the El Nino storms expected this winter. Residential waste service containers that are scheduled for regular weekly pickup can be used for disposing of green waste.

Residential street sweepers cannot pickup large piles of leaves and other debris, and this waste can and usually does remain at curbsides. Excessive amounts of leaves require sweepers to make additional trips to dump their cargo. When this happens, street sweeping schedules may have to be modified to ensure that all streets are swept on their regularly scheduled days.