A new art exhibit entitled “Regarding Us Chain Letter Project” is on display through Aug. 22 at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History.

The project, a collaboration between the museum and the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, is described by critics as an “artist-driven” initiative designed to understand and celebrate creativity in the Antelope Valley. As part of the Antelope Valley Art Outpost project or “Outpost,” the Regarding Us Chain Letter Project has worked to expand the knowledge of who is engaged in creative pursuits throughout the Antelope Valley via public engagement activities. The exhibit features a wide variety of visual and performing arts by numerous artists living and working in the Antelope Valley including musicians, poets and dancers.

The public engagement portion of the exhibit began with the invitation of 10 core artists representing multiple disciplines throughout the region. The initial artists were identified through past participation with the museum’s exhibitions, public engagement activities and from discussions with respected community members. Specifically, the museum sought and attracted a diverse selection of artists from almost every level of the local creative community. Each of the artists where then asked to invite another five creative persons to participate in the exhibition, and those persons would ask another five artists and so on. By bringing one work of art, each “chain letter” artist co-creates the exhibition, ultimately becoming a large-scale installation representing the true creative vision of the Antelope Valley, in effect, curated by the artists.

The Lancaster art museum has been refurbished to include a new gallery for the exhibit. Discussions are often hosted there with members of the county arts commission who speak to how the museum’s participation is a central element in maintaining a vibrant creative community in the Antelope Valley.

The Lancaster Museum of Art and History is located at 665 W. Lancaster Blvd. For more details about the exhibit, e-mail moahcedar@cityoflancasterca.org, or call (661) 723-6250. You may also visit www.lacountyarts.org/outpost/about-outpost for additional information.