A 24-year-old man pleaded not guilty Monday to the gang-related murder of a 19-year-old mentally disabled man who was gunned down near a South Los Angeles car wash, apparently over his red shoes.

Kevin Deon Johnson and his co-defendant, Dwight Kevin Smith, 30, are both scheduled to return to court next Monday to get a preliminary hearing date.

Smith pleaded not guilty on June 22 to a murder charge.

Kanasho Johns, the 27-year-old alleged shooter, is expected to be extradited from Texas to Los Angeles on Wednesday, according to Deputy District Attorney Bobby Zoumberakis.

Johns’ case is expected to be consolidated with his two co-defendants, who are both being held in excess of $2 million bail.

Johnson’s attorney told the court he would argue for a bail reduction on Monday, when a recommendation from the Probation Department is expected to be available.

The three are charged in the death of Tavin Price, who was shot at about 11a.m. May 29 in the 3300 block of West Florence Avenue.

On the day he was killed, Price—who was called “Tevin” by some relatives and friends—was at the car wash with his mother and a friend when he went into a nearby smoke shop. LAPD investigators said one of the suspects questioned Price about his gang affiliation and red shoes.

Police said Price ignored the question about the shoes and was walking back toward the family’s car when another suspect ran across the street and shot him four times.

An alleged accessory to the crime, Antheyst Jarrett, 27, was ordered on June 18 to stand trial. She’s charged with one count each of dissuading a witness from testifying and being an accessory after the fact.