Jonny Quest is going into action once again.

The animated adventures of the young adventurer thrilled kids in the 1960s (and in the many reboots that followed), but now he’s headed for the big screen in live-action form.

Even though the show lasted one season (due to the high cost of the animation), it’s still regarded as a great early example of animated action-adventure.

Robert Rodriguez (“Sin City,” “Spy Kids,” “From Dusk Till Dawn”) is set to direct the movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

As yet unknown are who will play Jonny, his friend Hadji, his father and all-around tough guy Race Bannon.

(“Jonny Quest” is owned by Time Warner, as is CNN.)

Twitter lit up with reaction in favor of and against remaking the classic cartoon almost immediately.

“No, no, no, no. For Pete’s sake, leave Jonny Quest alone,” tweeted “MK Fonz 11.”

“Do these studios have no imagination?”

“Joseph” made it quite simple: “Not watching Robert Rodriguez’s Jonny Quest movie if Danny Trejo [from Rodriguez’s ‘Machete’ movies] isn’t cast as Race Bannon.”

Others had thoughts on who should be cast, like Idris Elba as Race Bannon.

Like so many TV-to-film adaptations (“Jem and the Holograms” anyone?), the debate is unlikely to end there.