Many Los Angeles residents are hitting the local parks for their resistance training. But instead of lifting heavy weights or laboring away on expensive machines that have cables attached to steel plates, the equipment at the parks use good ole man power.

Los Angeles Recreation and Parks has installed outdoor fitness zones which have similar equipment to what is found in commercial gyms. Instead of lifting weights, the equipment is designed for the user to use their own body weight as resistance. Weight is weight, whether is in the form of metal or a person’s body. Moving it will cause the muscles to contract, which strengthens the body.

An individual can perform a full-body workout at these outdoor fitness zones, as there are machines that mimic the leg press, shoulder press, and ab roller. There is also equipment that increases cardio-vascular endurance and flexibility, just like an exercise bike or treadmill at a gym does.

For more advanced fitness enthusiasts, a park such as Van Ness Recreation Center offers pull-up bars and dip bars for advanced calisthenics.

Circuit training or body part specific workouts can also be performed. With some of the equipment located on a jogging trail, people can incorporate running into their workouts. Factor in that most parks have a basketball court and large grass field, the variety of workouts are endless.

Fitness zones contribute to the well-being of the community by providing a free outdoor gym, opposed to commercial gyms, which have membership fees that may not fit into many people’s budgets.

As the nation is becoming more health conscious, many people are finding these fitness zones a great way to meet their weekly fitness goals.