Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris has nominated Angela Underwood-Jacobs to the recently vacated city council seat, previously held by Sandra Johnson. Underwood-Jacobs will hold the council seat until municipal elections take place in April 2016.

Underwood-Jacobs, a Lancaster resident, is a criminal justice commissioner. Parris said he selected Underwood-Jacobs to fill the city council seat because of her business acumen and ongoing commitment to serving the Antelope Valley.

“Angela has proven her relevance in our community through the diligent role she plays as part of the Lancaster Criminal Justice Commission where she employs her extensive knowledge of organizational management, both from an industry perspective and a service-oriented outlook,” Parris said. “The council has been very pleased with her contributions to city initiatives and our campaign to find creative ways to enhance public safety.”

Underwood-Jacobs is the regional manager and senior vice president at California Bank and Trust in Lancaster. She is also a member of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and occupies a number of positions with local organizations that contribute to the well-being of both businesses and families in the Antelope Valley.

Underwood-Jacobs is an honorary director for the Antelope Valley Board of Trade which for almost 60 years has engaged in the maintenance and promotion of diverse business and industry concerns throughout the Greater Antelope Valley. She is also an honorary director at the Children’s Center of the Antelope Valley.

“Performing community service is a worthy endeavor that brings people and communities closer together,” Underwood-Jacobs said. “Additionally, those who volunteer are effectively improving their own personal wellness by dedicating their time and efforts toward the betterment of others.”

Parris said he saw Underwood-Jacobs’ financial background as an opportunity for the council to attract more business opportunities into the city.

“Angela’s strong financial background coupled with her experience working with a wide variety of small businesses, makes her the perfect addition to our team, as we continue to attract new businesses and jobs here to Lancaster,” Parris said.