San Francisco-based Walker & Company has a mission: To solve minority health and beauty issues. The company’s mission came about after company owner Tristan Walker got tired of razor bumps after using products not exactly designed for Black skin. After years of going without shaving, he has launched his own line of shaving products called Bevel. Today, the company has attracted major investors, including hip-hop artist Nas and Hollywood’s Charles King. Walker says he intends to build his company to be as big as a Procter & Gamble and will continue to focus the company’s attention on products for people of color. For more info, go to

There’s a new phone app on the market that is full of positive messages for African American kids. Based in Oakland, the Ameka Love brand is a new animated program for kids ages two to nine. It’s a storybook series that encourages kids to use their minds to solve problems that come on a journey to the mystical and magical Crystal Mountain. During the journey to the mountain, kids encounter problems that require the use of math, figuring out shapes and colors, and introducing things such as yoga and nature. Download the app from iTunes at


The FBI has released a sketch of the man law enforcement believes detonated a bomb near the NAACP office in Colorado Springs. The FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is also offering a $10,000 reward leading to the arrest of the alleged bomber. Law enforcement officials said they were unsure whether or not the NAACP office was the target of the bomb. However, they are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime. “Only the bomber knows why he put this there,” said Thomas Ravenelle, FBI special agent in charge. No injuries resulted and the NAACP only suffered minor damage.

District of Columbia

Stephen Hill has been appointed to head of programming at BET. Hill takes over the position left vacant in early 2014 by Loretha Jones. Hill has been with BET for 15 years, most recently in charge of music programming and specials. “I have worked with Stephen for more than 15 years, and his passion for the BET brand has been apparent from the very beginning. He has grown our music shows and specials into iconic and highly-rated programs beloved by our audience,” said BET Networks chairman/CEO Debra Lee. “Over the past several years, he has expanded his role into scripted programming, launching our hit series ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood.’ He is well-qualified and ready for this new challenge and I am excited to have him in this new role.” Hill said.


The young man who was allegedly the ringleader in the hazing of Robert Champion has been sentenced to six years in prison. Dante Martin, a former Florida A&M University band member was given the prison term after being found guilty of manslaughter and felony hazing in the death of Champion. Martin and several others took part in a brutal hazing, which involved Champion going through a line where others beat and kicked him. He died from his injuries. Martin was the first of some 15 former band members being charged in the case. Another student and band member, Jessie Baskin, was given 51 weeks in county jail after he plead no contest, and others have been sentenced to probation and community service. Three others are scheduled to stand trial in April.


Two police officers from Savannah are on administrative leave after a college student died in jail. Matthew Ajibade, 22, died while in custody, even though police were informed that he suffered from bipolar disorder. According to CNN, the officers did not follow protocol for suspects with mental health problems. The student, a Nigerian national, was in the country to study computer science at Savannah Technical College. Ajibade was arrested on charges of assaulting his girlfriend on Jan. 1. She said she told officers about his medical issue and even showed them his medication. According to police, he became combative with them when he was arrested and when he was being booked, resulting in one officer receiving injuries that included a broken nose. Ajibade was placed in an isolated cell, but when officers went to check on him later, he was unresponsive. CPR was performed but was unsuccessful. Cause of death is unknown and won’t be revealed until a toxicology report comes in. Ajibade’s family has hired attorney Mark O’Mara who was the defense attorney in the Trayvon Martin case in Florida.


Tasha Robinson-White, a former associate of Floyd Mayweather, has released a memoir that details her business dealings with the boxing champ over more than a decade. While the book is not a sexy scandal, tell-all, it does shed shadows and light on Mayweather’s business relationship over the years. White, a resident of Las Vegas, where the champ also lives, painstakingly chronicles the 12 years that she was a part of Mayweather’s rise to the top in the ring and in the business world. “Right Hand to the Champ: 13 Lessons That Changed My Life” is a lesson book as well as a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the powerful mix of big money, stardom and the challenges women often have to face if they want to do business in the entertainment kingdom, still so predominantly occupied by men. While her lifestyle was often exciting and lavish, it also cost her on the homefront, putting her relationship with her husband and kids in jeopardy. In the end, she reached deep inside, and since parting ways with Mayweather on a business tip in 2009, has found her voice to air the truth and provide life-altering advice to women, as well as men, looking to excel in the high stakes world of entertainment. The book is available on Amazon or at where you can read an excerpt.

South Carolina

Opening arguments started last week in the trial of a former police chief in Eutawville who shot an unarmed Black man while trying to arrest him over a parking ticket. Prosecutors said that the killing of Bernard Bailey was a senseless act of violence and the officer must pay for his crime just like anyone else. Combs’ defense attorney, however, is saying that the officer was trying to serve a lawfully obtained arrest warrant. If convicted, Combs faces 30 years in prison. The incident occurred in May 2011 when Bailey went to the area courthouse to protest a ticket given to his daughter over a broken tail light. After an argument inside the courthouse, Bailey decided to leave, but was told he was being charged with obstruction of justice. Bailey continued to leave and Combs followed him and tried to stop him from getting in his truck and leaving. Combs gun went off into Bailey and he died. Bailey was shot three times. A jury of seven Blacks and five Whites will decide the case.

South Dakota

Six University of South Dakota football players and one former track and field athlete have been accused of running a tax fraud scheme that netted them about $400,000 over four years. According to the AP, they have all plead guilty to federal fraud charges in Sioux Falls. Those already sentenced have received prison time ranging from two years to more than five years, and some have also been ordered to pay $422,000 in joint restitution. Alphonso “Rico” Valdez was reportedly the ringleader who recruited other students to gather names, addresses, social security numbers and other identifying information. The data was used to file fraudulent tax returns, with fake addresses used so that the refunds would come back to Valdez and the others involved. Valdez’s girlfriend, for one, worked at an insurance company and had access to people’s information. According to AP, she alone netted the group more than $100,000.


The Hampton University Museum is presenting “Elizabeth Catlett: A Celebration of 100 Years” from Jan. 30- Nov. 14. The exhibit is a commemoration of Catlett’s 100th birthday and is pulled from her 125-plus works in the Hampton University (HU) Museum’s collection. This exhibition will feature approximately 49 works on paper with 24 prints never shown at the museum. The works represented in this exhibition show the importance of Catlett as a major contemporary international artist. In addition, the exhibit will highlight students who were at Hampton in 1943 when husband and wife team Charles White and Elizabeth Catlett came to Hampton and taught classes. It was at this time White created “The Contribution of the Negro To Democracy in America.” Works by Charles White, John Biggers, Samella Sanders Lewis, Persis Jennings and Annabelle Baker will be on view.

Compiled by Carol Ozemhoya.