Jerome E. Horton, chairman of the California Board of Equalization (BOE), announced recently a series of free events that have been designed to benefit, serve and protect California taxpayers by creating jobs, helping businesses thrive, and increasing the health and wealth-building in our communities.

“I invite the 8.5 million residents that I represent in California’s fourth Board of Equalization District to mark their calendars and participate in several free events that will contribute to their personal health and financial well-being,” said Horton. “From the Health, Wealth and Wellness Conference in October to the Senior and Professional Affordable Housing Symposium and the State Employment Open House in November, to the Connecting Women to Power International and Domestic Trade Conference in December, we will present events that will benefit everyone.”

The Health, Wealth & Wellness Conference on Oct. 25 will feature leading industry experts presenting topics on proactive health maintenance and preventive care, starting a business on a budget and maximizing wealth-building opportunities.

The Senior and Professional Affordable Housing Symposium on Nov. 13 will provide strategies and resources to nonprofits, developers and local municipalities looking to build and find more affordable housing. Both afternoon and evening sessions will be held for attendees, who will also learn about planning for 2015 and important legislative updates.

The State Employment Open House on Nov. 14 presents valuable hiring opportunities for entry and professional-level jobs. Hiring representatives will be on hand to answer questions and guide you through the application process. Career advancement starts now.

The Connecting Women to Power International and Domestic Trade Conference on Dec. 2 will feature international trade experts and representatives of consulates from China, Japan, South Africa and Mexico who will conduct interactive panel discussions on how to expand a business globally.

In January 2015, Horton will launch small business seminars throughout Southern California that offer small business owners information they may need to start and maintain a business and how to eliminate the burden of high taxation.

Also in January, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) family resource fairs will begin. Kicking off its sixth year, the program offers free income tax preparation services for low-to-moderate income taxpayers. Attendees may benefit from the Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) for eligible households, where they can qualify for up to $6,143 in EITC, as well as beneficial health and human services resources for needy families. Households with less than $53,000 in annual income may qualify for the VITA program.

“Historically, the California Board of Equalization has been an agency that serves the public through fair, effective and efficient tax administration,” said Horton. “It has been my aim to expand the role of the agency to, not only properly administer the $58 billion that is the lion’s share of California’s budget, but also to serve and protect California taxpayers, create jobs, build community wealth, and grow California businesses.” He concluded, “The upcoming events will meet those challenges.”

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