Hattie McFrazier (73446)

Hattie McFrazier is a district lifer. She has given 31 years of dedicated service to the Los Angeles Unified School District. She has a long list of positions on her résumé, which include teacher, counselor, school attendance review board chair, and Health and Human Services director. When it comes to District 1, she knows exactly what she is dealing with.

“I know the needs of this community,” McFrazier said. “I know the future of this community. When you know what the needs are, then you know how to do the job.”

McFrazier earned a B.S. and Masters Degree from Southern University, and shortly after, began her career in education in Los Angeles. Over the course of her career she has worked at Locke High School, Curtis Middle School, and Drew Middle School. She has also served as the Western Region Director of Phi Delta Kappa Sorority, which is an educators’ organization whose mission is to service the youth. Her vast experience, she said, gives her a full understanding of what the students of District 1 need.

“Our students are low-economic students, foster care students, we have many with special education needs,” McFrazier said. “We have a lot of students who are returning from the juvenile justice center. So it’s important that we focus on each one of our students so that they can succeed. I believe in excellence for all students. I make sure that students aim high, no matter what their backgrounds are or where they come from.”

McFrazier also supports the people who have taken on the task of educating the children.

“Because of the economic crisis all over the United States, especially in the school districts, the first people that are cut are the people that the students need,” McFrazier said. “The ones who provide resources that the students need.”

McFrazier wants to use the revenue generated by Prop. 30, which raises about $6 billion annually, to increase the pay of LAUSD employees and to create jobs that will benefit the students. She points out that the district now has the money, and she wants to see it utilized correctly.

Because of her vast experience within the LAUSD, McFrazier believes she has the knowledge and know-how to serve in the District 1 board seat.