The 23rd Congressional District of California 2014 Merit Award was created to recognize outstanding high school students who have demonstrated exemplary school citizenship, volunteerism, community service, involvement in extracurricular activities, leadership skills and have earned a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Earlier this year, high school principals were invited to select one outstanding graduating senior per school to receive the 23rd Congressional District of California 2014 Merit Award.

“This award is not only about outstanding academic achievement; it is also meant to recognize the character and positive values that these students uphold,” said Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-23rd District). “Today, we honor the hard work and dedication that these exemplary young men and women have demonstrated in their scholastic and community endeavors. I look forward to watching these young leaders continue to succeed in the future.”

Student Recipients

Mr. Chad Cracraft – Sherman E. Burroughs High School

Miss Lydia Alverson – Boron High School

Mr. Kristoph Livingston – California City High School

Miss Amanda Tepe – Lancaster High School

Miss Ariel Andal – Desert Christian High School

Mr. Daren Harrell – Quartz Hill High School

Miss Kassidy McLaughlin – Rosamond High School

Mr. Ruben Juan Soto – Mojave High School

Mr. Dane Adams – Desert High School

This year, the 23rd Congressional District also honors inspiring local educators chosen by each student.


Mr. John Cosner – Sherman E. Burroughs High School

Mrs. Rachel Nichols – California City High School

Mr. Jef Anderson – Lancaster High School

Ms. Karmae Shiplett – Desert Christian High School

Mr. Eric Herman – Quartz Hill High School

Mr. Caleb Schroeder – Rosamond High School

Mr. Larry Satterfield – Mojave High School

Mr. Brad Wiggs – Desert High School