Deshai Cole (68974)

Taking the industry by storm DeShai Cole does it all. A radio show host, sex and relationship consultant, and beauty maven, Cole is motivated to empower women of all ages, all around the world.

The life of DeShai Cole is the ultimate tale of forgiveness and triumph. Beginning at a young age, it seemed she was on an uphill struggle. She and her mother would often have to steal to eat, and at the age of six, Cole was sexually abused by one of her mother’s boyfriends. She was taken from her mother’s custody and raised by her maternal grandmother until she passed when she was only nine. Cole lost her father at the age of 14 and soon after found out her mother had been diagnosed with HIV. Not having her mother or father around often left her in a state of despair, feeling abandoned and misunderstood.

However, Cole chose to keep pushing relying on the strong faith instilled in her by her grandmother during her early childhood. Whereas many see struggles as excuses to quit, she says her struggles taught her to never be the victim. Inspired by her love for helping others and her aspiration to provide a better life for her own daughter, she pursued her career in radio broadcasting. In 2011 she began broadcasting on a blog-talk website from her bathroom, and in 2012, she was presented with the opportunity to host her own radio show, The DeShai Cole Show on the Sensation Station Network.

Cole is also a successful entrepreneur and has launched the budding brand, Dime Diva. She has moved past the anger and resentment she felt toward her mother, and they now have a close relationship.

“I chose not to fall victim to my hardships, but to use my experience as motivation to create a better life for myself. My dream is to inspire all women to do the same,” Cole said.

Cole recently hosted her annual “Ultimate Girls Festival” which offered a series of seminars that focused on the mind, body and soul. Attendees had the opportunity to attend courses in health and wellness, entrepreneurship and branding, personal finance management and indulge in “The Powder Room” which offered beauty courses and mini-makeovers.

Tune into The DeShai Cole Show Tuesdays at 6 p.m. and Sundays at 7 p.m. on the new R&B and Hip Hop Sensation Station Network. DeShai is real, raw and doesn’t hold back. She has also written a book titled 30 Ways To Please Your Man. Copies are now available on

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