Man Lee (49427)

Lecturer and peace activist Man Hee Lee spoke to a capacity audience at USC’s Bovard Auditorium, including members of First A.M.E., West Angeles Church of God in Christ, and Faith Inspiration Missionary Baptist Church, extolling his message of ending war and promoting worldwide peace through youth, on Saturday.

The seminar and lecture was the final leg in Lee’s tour to meet with students, national and religious leaders around the world to promote the message of peace and religion.

In addition to his Nov. 1 lecture, Lee organized hundreds of students from UCLA, U.C. Irvine, Cal Poly Pomona, Pepperdine and Cal State Los Angeles, during a rally for peace aboard the S.S. Lane Victory in San Pedro, a fully operational cargo ship used in the Korean War to rescue refugees.

Lee was born and raised in South Korea and served in the military as a youth, where he was, “put on the front lines of some of the most terrifying battles of the Korean War,” Lee said. But Lee calls God his safe keeper and says that even in war, he attempted to touch the hearts of those around him with the hope of peace. After serving in the war, Lee refused recognition and government compensation for his service. Instead, he vowed to dedicate the rest of his life to serve people of the world.

Today, his agenda is the same. As a spiritual leader, Lee’s goal are lofty but he believes that through God and a robust youth movement, the eradication of war is possible and world-wide peace can be achieved.

“It is the responsibility of all world leaders to end war and to stop sacrificing young people’s lives with their own agenda,” he said.

Lee’s movement of peace has inspired interest in world leaders including Ethiopian President Girma Wolde-Giorgis, South African President Jacob Zuma, Malawi President Joyce Banda, Phallop Thaiiary of the World Fellowship of Bhuddists and Deputy Prime Minister of Palau New Guinea, Leo Dion.

“Mr. Lee has a message of peace and religion that is relevant to anyone, young or old. We are honored to have Mr. Lee speak to the Los Angeles community,” said Michelle Chang of International Peace Youth Group Los Angeles.

Lee is the founder of International Peace Youth Group, an international non-profit organization working with groups throughout the world to end conflict and war through his campaign of peace in religion. “I am urging political and religious leaders from all nations to help create a new culture, a global culture of respect and tolerance—a heavenly culture.