Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris (33023)

The first Energy Storage conference and expo in the United States to focus exclusively on applications, customers and deal-making began in San Jose, this week. Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris, who delivered the keynote address, kicked off this three-day event, which is geared toward getting the more than 500 attendees ramped up for what promises to be an essential meeting of the minds regarding the evolution of power generation, usage and storage.

“We have a world energy crisis which is going to hit us like a giant meteor, and traditional energy delivery won’t stop this,” said Parris. “But we have an opportunity to literally change the world by shifting the current energy paradigm. Local government is called to exercise bold leadership which empowers citizens to achieve global vitality and sustainability.”

Mayor Parris delivered his presentation which served as a call-to-action for the masterminds and community advocates of the game-changing energy storage solutions that are being deployed throughout the world. The Energy Storage North America (ESNA) conference was developed to draw together a gathering of individuals from North America, Europe and Asia in order to provide firsthand the lessons learned in this growing arena. Additionally, the workshops offered at ESNA 2013, along with the program concentration of interactive and expanding markets, give attendees a unique opportunity to network with utilities, policy-makers, and energy storage solution providers at every level.

Participants and attendees at ESNA 2013 include investor-owned and publicly-owned utilities; large retail customers; renewable energy developers and systems integrators; energy storage and smart grid developers, manufacturers, and systems integrators; investors; data center operators and owners, microgrid developers and operators; municipal governments; federal and state level policymakers; as well as key environmental groups. The objectives of the expo include to strategize how energy storage can enable greater market opportunities and profitability–and the role it can play in near- and long-term strategy; actively shape the market for grid storage applications in North America; network “Building the Ecosystem” across the value chain with key partners and customers; and learn which energy storage applications are profitable and bankable today.

Bringing inspiration for the conference theme, “Building the Ecosystem for Cost Effective Applications of Energy Storage in North America,” Parris talked about how a forward-thinking city such as Lancaster is fully capable of achieving the unexpected by taking a bold, creative and cooperative stance toward change. He emphasized the necessity for local leadership to champion the shift in energy delivery, maintaining that “no one else can do it for us.”

“We’re doing the things we do because we must,” Parris stated. “We must take the power out of the hands of those in denial, and put the power in the hands of the people–green power. Bold leadership at the local level is what will change communities … which will, in turn, change the world. We must test the establishment, think beyond the grid, and truly believe we are changing the world.”