Credit: LA Potholes

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — The Los Angeles City Council today called for a study of how to finance $3 billion in repairs to city streets.

The council wants to float a bond to pay for re-paving about 8,700 miles of road, but is also looking into other potential funding sources, such as taxes and federal and state grants, to pay for the estimated 10-year long, $3 billion project.

The “Save Our Streets LA” plan is a reboot of an effort by council members Joe Buscaino and Mitchell Englander earlier this year to place a $3 billion bond on the May ballot.

After their idea drew criticism, Buscaino and Englander changed tack and spent several months shopping the idea at public meetings across the city.

They now want to put the bond issue on the November 2014 ballot.

The 15-0 vote asks for a report within 45 days on the streets most in need of paving and alternative ways of paying for the work, such as using vehicle license and gasoline fees, or state and federal grants. The council also wants a suggestion for structuring a citizen oversight committee.