The Black Worker Center in Los Angeles is in the process of compiling a directory of African American construction workers as part of its efforts to insure that these individuals are considered for employment in the various projects that are expected to be built in the region in the next few years.

Center officials estimate that there will be at least 23,000 construction jobs created in the next two-six years. They are asking people who have skills, and experience in one of 22 construction trades including plumbing, electrical and laborer to sign up to be in the database. They are also looking for people who are currently in a union or were previously a union member.

To be part of the registry, call the center at (323) 752-7287 or visit the website www.lablackworkercenter.org.

The center is also looking for individuals interested in working in the construction trades to enroll in pre-apprenticeship training. Those interested in gaining this training can contact the center or visit the UAW Worksource Center at 39th Street and Western Avenue.

In addition to creating the registry and getting more African Americans involved in the construction industry, the Black Worker Center will hold a worker congress Sept. 6 and 7 at Holman United Methodist Church to explore the various issues Blacks are facing.