Lancaster’s 24 Hour Recycling Center has already significantly reduced illegal dumping throughout the Antelope Valley. Now, the city has decided to further resolve this problem by going to its residents, creating a program that will allow for electronic waste receptacles to be placed at apartment complexes within Lancaster.

In order to provide more easily accessible recycling options for its citizens, the city has launched a new electronic waste collection program for multi-family residential buildings. This new Secure and Fast Electronics Recycling, or “SAFER,” program allows all apartment buildings with 10 or more units to opt-in to a free electronic waste collection program.

As part of the program, Lancaster provides 4 feet by 4 feet electronic waste collection bins at a building or complex free of charge. The city will also remove any large amounts of electronic waste that have been accumulated on a multi-family property, and schedule routine pickups in order to remove and recycle unwanted or broken electronics.

Electronic waste includes a multitude of items such as: televisions, computers, printers, toasters, lamps, cell phones and all other items with a cord or batteries. A description of these items and directions for disposal can be found on signs that are affixed to each collection bin.

To sign up for this free program or to receive more information, please contact Justin Lewis at 661-723-5885.